PHYTOPOD™ AQUA-110 Vertical Planter Aquaponic System


A full aquaponics system with a Phytopod-1 (12 inch) hydro module connected to a hexagonal aquarium so that you can grow plants using the nitrogen in the aquarium water.

Phytopod Aqua – Aquaponics for your home, school or workplace!

Get your fish to tend your plants! The Phytopod Aqua is a simple aquaponic growing system that attaches to an aquarium of fish tank. Raise fish and grow plants in the same space with this ingenious vertical plant production module.

Plants are fed by the nitrogen in the water, keeping it clean and naturally filtered with their roots! At home, in school, in a restaurant or at the office. Grow beautiful fish and delicious vegetables.


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Product Description

A full aquaponics system with a Phytopod-1 (12 inch) hydro module to connected to a hexagonal aquarium. The Phytopod Aqua is an exciting new product that brings plug-and-play simplicity to aquaponics-- for the home, school, office or urban homesteading. Modular Phytopod Aqua units are designed for use in aquaponic systems, providing filtration, aeration and removal of nitrogen from aquarium water while supporting the growth of plants in a vertical format. The Phytopod design allows for a dramatic reduction in the amount of space needed for an aquaponic system and much greater flexibility in how the plant production and fish production are combined. Phytopod modules are stackable for easy vertical expansion. Grow a bounty of herbs, salad greens and many other vegetables indoors or outdoors!

You can order additional modules which can be stacked on top of the base unit for additional planting area.


-- Phytopod-1 Aqua Vertical planter module
-- Soil-less substrate
-- Submersible pump
-- 10 gallon hexagonal aquarium tank
-- Timer
-- Instructions

Additional Information

Planter finish

Black plastic ($0), Red Bamboo (+$20), Natural Bamboo (+$20), Mahogany Bamboo (+$20),




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