membership details and terms

Free Registration:

Currently, anyone may register for a free profile on our site, without any credit card or confidential information requirement.

Membership geographic coverage:

Our membership is open to anyone within the United States or Canada. Subscription pick-up locations are currently available in Brooklyn, NY, but home delivery is available nationally. If a product can not be shipped due to distance and perishability, you will be notified and refunded.

Web-Store orders:

We are providing a third party web-store solution for our online and brick and mortar retail partners.  We are collecting only a small transaction fee ourselves, but the actual delivery of the product offering is handled directly by the vendor partner.  Details of these offerings are listed on the product page, along with a link to any terms specific to that vendor or partner.

Payment for Webstore items may be made using store credits or credit card (processed by Stripe). All transactions must clear our financial institutions in order for us to transfer the funds to our partners and initiate your order.  Timing for delivery of products will be detailed on the product page.

Good Food subscriptions purchased from our webstore will be charged the week prior to delivery in order for the funds to clear and delivered to farmers. Cancellations and pauses or modifications of ongoing subscriptions must be made before 5pm on Friday in order to take effect for the following week.  If the subscription is paused or cancelled before the cut-off, any charges that make have gone through for the following week subscription will be refunded.

As with all products on the web-store, subscriptions may be purchased using the same payment methods.  However, recurring payments must have a credit card assigned in order to avoid disruption. We do not keep any credit card information in our records.  This is entirely provided and secured by Stripe.

Customer Service:

We will provide customer service via email at, and will typically respond within 24 hours.  All items regarding payment or technical questions will be handled by us directly.  Any issues related to delivery questions or product questions will be managed through the third party vendors as required.  Any urgent questions related to in process deliveries should be addressed to the vendor directly in order to avoid a bottleneck.

Webstore Credit:

Store credit may be purchased to use for yourself or as a gift.


Return Policy:

All product sales are final

Lifetime memberships may be cancelled or downgraded within the first 90 days for a partial refund, equal to ($450 - ($.50*# of days)) - 10% transaction fees.  For example, if you cancel a lifetime membership after 30 days you will receive a refund of $391.50 (($450 - $15) - $43.5)   If you choose to keep the refund as Nextdoorganics store credits instead of cash, the 10% transaction fee will not be charged.

If you are cancelling your account and are unable to use your store credit, we can offer this as a refund to you less a 10% transaction fee.  contact for details.


Ownership of information

The management of data, marketing, billing and customer service of is handled fully by our third party parter, for the sole purpose of supporting the customer benefits listed here. Neither Nextdoorganics nor will sell your personal information to any third party