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Welcome to our new Partner – Cooper Fitness & Nutrition

It is our pleasure to welcome the newest addition to our list of Partners, Cooper Fitness and Nutrition! Nextdoorganics member and NASM certified trainer Katelynn Cooper uses the produce that comes from us in a nutrition meal prep masterclass, and has extended a special discount for Nextdoorganics members!
Cooper Fitness offers Personal Training, Nutrition coaching, and a Balanced Training program combining the best of both worlds.  Eating right is half the battle when trying to stay healthy, and we try to help you make sure you have that covered.  Katelynn can help provide the tools and training to take a truly holistic approach to staying fit.
Be sure to check out the Cooper Fitness Blog for fitness routines, recipes, #smoothieoftheday, Katelynn's daily musings, and Featured produce from her produce subscription in her Tuesday Meal prep posts.

Katelynn says:

"What we do at Cooper Fitness & Nutrition...

We strive to be thin, lose weight, and believe that this will make us happy. It is my mission to show people that there is another way to live.

With a combination of physical fitness, real foods for fuel, and emotional wellness we can create bodies that we actually want to live in.


My goal is to provide people with personalized tools to find emotional stability through physical capability, achievement, and nutritional awareness. "

For more info regarding programing and recipes - visit!

A Nutrition Testimonial...
"Katelynn Cooper is an excellent nutrition specialist. She works very hard on creating a Meal Chart that works best with you schedule and dietary preferences. She will create several drafts and work with the client to create the best option for the week. In my case as someone who doesn't usually cook she worked with me to find ways to create meals with very minimal meal prep. She will check in daily and send you encouraging messages to help you along. Great spirit and very knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness, and all sorts of daily routines. Highly recommend!"

- Katie Barnard"