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Nextdoorganics re-starting service in February

Happy 2017!

Hello Members,

First, I would like to let you know how much we appreciate your support through the years here at Nextdoorganics, and that we also very much appreciate your patience as you have waited for us over the past 2 months. If you have visited our site lately, you’ve been seeing changes underway.  There is still work ongoing, but I would like to ask you now to please sign up to the site and create a free profile, in anticipation of the resumption of grocery delivery services in Feb.

So, what happened?

We have been taking a very close and critical look at our efforts here at Nextdoorganics, and we have had to make some very significant changes.  Our mission has always been, from day one when we started by growing our own food and selling it at the Bushwick farmers market, to improve access to good food produced by verifiably sustainable and ethical producers.  In order to do this, while still charging a fair price and enabling the variability you have expressed to us that you wanted, and to do this in NYC, we needed to achieve a certain scale where our slim margins would cover the high costs of doing business in the city.

Unfortunately, the scale that would have allowed us to operate profitably in NYC was just beyond our reach, and as of December 2016 we could no longer afford to operate the physical logistics of our business, so we made the hard decision to cease operating as a physical location and radically re-structure the company in order to better meet our intended goal.

What’s next for Nextdoorganics?

Our mission is still to provide increased, convenient access to good food at fair prices, and we feel that we can still continue to provide this service to our customers, leveraging our large network of partners operating in the good food industry, negotiating on behalf of our customers, and providing a carefully vetted selection of the best that is available.  Instead of selling directly, our grocery subscriptions and web-store purchases will be handled by third parties, and we will seek to provide additional benefits to our members as we are in the process of negotiating with local retailers that we trust for discounts or other special deals that can be extended to our membership.  

At a basic level, the nature of Nextdoorganics will remain the same as a provider of curated good food through weekly subscriptions that can be paused or cancelled at any time, but the details of how that food physically gets to you and how you purchase from our webstore will change significantly. For our part, we will be receiving a small transactional commission.  As of now, the webstore has only dummy items set-up to test our website structure and payment methods.  However, as a service provider, we are now able to focus all of our energies on expanding this selection and providing you with the best selections and prices.  Our expectation is that while this will reduce our overhead costs, it will also result in an improved customer experience for you, as our main role in now to be an advocate for the membership base.

What we are asking of you now?

Simply, we’re asking for you to:

  1. log in to the Nextdoorganics site and

  2. sign up for a free membership.  

The current website is still somewhat of a work in process and may be slightly rough around the edges, but we are expecting to initiate the delivery of weekly grocery subscriptions again within the next two weeks. In order to make sure that this transition goes smoothly, the first critical step is for you to migrate your profile from the old website, which was hosted by Farmigo and which added to our monthly overhead costs, to our new self-hosted site.  You will not be charged for any future orders without specifically opting in, so there is no need to cancel or hold your previous subscriptions under the old website.

The next step will be to sign up for a premium membership (currently free of charge for 6 months) and choose a subscription plan. We will provide additional detail on this step in a follow up email within the next few days. Unlike in the past, you do not need to have an active grocery subscription plan in order to purchase from our webstore as these items will be drop shipped to you.

As we are just now beginning to roll out the new model, we still have a lot of work to do in terms of getting the best products available to you and establishing partnerships with local retailers that we can vouch for who are able to offer promotions to our members.  For the sake of building Nextdoorganics into something that can be scaled and that can grow across neighborhoods and regions as your primary access point to the good food economy no matter where you are, we welcome all direction from our membership regarding product companies or local brick and mortar establishments that you love and would like to share with the rest of the Nextdoorganics community.

If you haven’t used our service in a while, or if you stopped using it because it didn’t meet your needs, I invite you to come back and give us a chance.  There may be some kinks as we are bringing people over from the old to the new service and we are rolling out new technology and new partnerships all at once, but the point is that we are working to build this now in order to serve our membership, so you have a chance to help define how Nextdoorganics evolves in the coming year, and what it can be in the future.
Thank you,

The Nextdoorganics Team

P.S. - with all of the changes that we have been managing for the past month, it is likely that some questions or emails may have fallen through the cracks. We will be going back through and cleaning up any outstanding inquiries, but if you haven't heard, please feel free to reach out to or fill out a contact request form on the website.