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Retooling Nextdoorganics operations for the future

To our Nextdoorganics community,

Nextdoorganics will undergo a complete retooling of its operations over this Winter including reducing operating complexity/costs, refreshing our member experience, and solving fundamental back end problems with new technology.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been a part of the Food Future Co. business accelerator in New York City where we’ve had the opportunity to level up our team skillset in food business and technology. Our commitment to our community of members and farmers runs from a deep well of experience and relationships in this industry. Our operating team as well as our community of advisors and investors are more mature than ever before.

Over the last five years, Nextdoorganics has put over one million dollars into the hands of local farmers, foragers, and food makers but we’ve also experienced plenty of difficulties that are familiar to so many small and mid-sized food businesses.

Our dirty-hands-on, relationship-based, perishable food economy is in dire need of technology solutions that get good food, good data, and good capital to flow friction-free end-to-end in the supply chain. We are taking this opportunity to creatively connect the local food supply chain so that Nextdoorganics can be of service to as many local food makers as we possibly can and to help other participants in the local food supply chain do better business as well.

In this time of action-taking, we welcome our web of business relationships and individual supporters to give us your insight, your thoughts, your co-creative energy as we take on system level problems that often keep good food businesses from doing good business.

Your support in the past, present, and future is very appreciated,

Josh Cook