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Hawa Hassan On Creating Her Line Of Somali Chutney

Haha Hassan's Basbaan chutneys

Haha Hassan's Basbaan chutneys

By Adrienne Smith

We strive to find you foods from our local community here at Nextdoorganics. Every item in our webstore, for instance, contains traceable, sustainable, small-batch items.

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Basbaas Chutney

A new addition to our small-batch line up is Hawa Hassan's chutney, which, as Hawa says, is "truly global and entirely local." Her line is inspired by her Somali background with local ingredients from the New York area.

We're planning to get Hawa's Coconut Cilantro Chutney. Each Basbaas chutney marries bold flavors and tangy, sweet tastes - this flavor is no different.

Hawa Hassan's Story

A model and the founder of Basbaas, Hawa has a rich story that led her to creating chutney in New York City.

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Hawa fled with her mother and four siblings to a UN refugee camp in Kenya. They built a small life in that camp; Hawa's mother set up an apartment and small business. When they moved out, her mother sent Hawa to Seattle, WA for a better life with a family friend.

It would be 15 before Hawa saw her mother again. Hawa ultimately discovered modeling, while her mother made her way to Norway and opened a furniture outlet and a Somali goods store.

Reuniting re-inspired Hawa's love of cooking, and her shared bond with her mother over the experience.

Basbaas is a reflection of Hawa's passion for cooking, her Somali heritage, and her journey through life with her mother. The line is created in Hot Bread Kitchen, a non-profit social enterprise that creates better lives for low-income women and their families. A portion of Basbaas' profits are donated to aspiring immigrant women.

Look out for Hawa's Somali chutneys in your packages soon.