membership details and terms

Free Registration:

Anyone may register for a free profile on, without any credit card or confidential information requirement.  Currently, free "guest" members are only allowed to browse and participate in online discussion.  At some point certain webstore items may be available for purchase by guest members, but at this time the web-store and meal+kit subscriptions are reserved for full members * For a limited time, full monthly membership is 100% free for the 6 months, requiring only a $20 deposit of funds to be used in our web-store or towards subscription orders.

Membership geographic coverage:

Currently Nextdoorganics is working in Brooklyn and Manhattan only,  certain webstore items may be available for shipping outside of this area, but at the moment the focus is on these neighborhoods.  As we expand our network into additional regions, this page will be updated and we will add covered locations to our homepage.

Monthly Membership:

Monthly membership in Nextdoorganics is $4.99, and requires an initial deposit of $20.  Once the initial deposit clears our financial accounts, it will appear in your account online, typically within 24-48 hours.  Currently, Paypal must be used to purchase a monthly membership - if you need an alternate payment method, please contact us at and we will assist you.

* for a limited time promotion, the $4.99 monthly membership fee is waived for the first 6 months

For the first 12 months of membership,  if you purchase at least $40 worth of product online from our webstore, and you were charged a $4.99 monthly membership fee, you will receive a credit in your account of $4.49, making the effective cost of membership just $0.50/month for the first year, which is simply to cover the transaction fees that we incur processing payments. Credits will be calculated based on previous calendar month purchases and will be credited to your account on the first week of each month.

Monthly membership may be cancelled at any time by downgrading to a free guest membership through the account dashboard.  Remaining credits can still be redeemed through purchases of our online store, which you will retain access to until the funds are depleted.

Lifetime Membership:

a Lifetime membership may be purchased for a one-time charge of $250.  Currently, Paypal must be used to purchase a lifetime membership - if you need an alternate payment method, please contact us at and we will assist you.

With a lifetime membership, you will receive a $15 monthly credit for the first 12 months for every month that you purchase at least $40 worth of product.

Lifetime memberships may be cancelled or downgraded within the first 90 days for a partial refund, equal to ($250 - ($.50*# of days)) - 10% transaction fees.  For example, if you cancel a lifetime membership after 30 days you will receive a refund of $211.50 (($250 - $15) - $23.5)   If you choose to keep the refund as Nextdoorganics store credits instead of cash, the 10% transaction fee will not be charged.

Discounts and orders at Brick and Mortar retailers:

Nextdoorganics is currently in negotiations on behalf of our members with a number of retailers that we love and that we think you will love to.  As we close these deals over the coming weeks and months, we will add the details of membership benefit to our site under the partners page.  At any participating retailer, you will only need to bring up the account page on your cell phone and show the vendor that you have an active Monthly or Lifetime membership in order to participate in these discounts or offers.  The offers available are subject to change at any time and are at the discretion of the retailer.

If there is a local retailer or online provider that you really like who you would like to see on our site, please let us know and we will reach out to them!

Web-Store orders:

Nextdoorganics is providing a third party web-store solution for our online and brick and mortar retail partners.  We are collecting only a small transaction fee ourselves, but the actual delivery of the product offering and will be handled by the vendor partner.  Details of these offerings will be listed on the product page, along with a link to any terms specific to that vendor or partner.

Payment for Webstore items may be made using Nextdoorganics credits, Paypal, credit card (processed by Stripe), or Bitcoin (processed by Stripe)  All transactions must clear our financial institutions in order for us to transfer the funds to our partners and initiate your order.  Timing for delivery of products will be detailed on the product page.

Meal+Kit subscriptions purchased from our webstore will be charged the week prior to delivery in order for the funds to clear and delivered to farmers.  Initial sign-ups for subscriptions will be charged the day after you sign up in order to provide you with a 24 hour easy cancellation period.  Cancellations and pauses or modifications of ongoing subscriptions must be made before 5pm on Friday in order to take effect for the following week.  If the subscription is paused or cancelled before the cut-off, any charges that make have gone through for the following week subscription will be refunded.

As with all products on the web-store, subscriptions may be purchased using the same payment methods.  However, recurring payments must be made with paypal or credit card.  Nextdoorganics does not keep any credit card information in our records.  This is entirely provided and secured by Stripe.

Customer Service:

Nextdoorganics will provide customer service via email at, and will typically respond within 12 hours.  All items regarding payment or technical questions will be handled by us directly.  Any issues related to delivery questions or product questions will be managed through the third party vendors as required.  Any urgent questions related to in process deliveries should be addressed to the vendor directly in order to avoid a bottleneck.

Nextdoorganics Credit:

Weekly Nextdoorganics membership requires an initial account load of $20 which can be applied to future orders.  This is to help ensure that vendors and farmers are paid quickly, and not affected by credit card transaction failures or the several days that it takes for electronic funds to be transferred.  At this point, there is no requirement for a minimum account balance in the system, but we encourage you to top off your accounts monthly and keep at least a $20 balance to help support our food purveyor partners and to avoid any delays due to payment method failures.

If you have credit in the system greater than $20, the system will attempt to apply extra credits towards any active Meal+Kit subscriptions before your card or paypal is charged.


Refunds of Store Credit:

If you are cancelling your account and are unable to use your store credit, we can offer this as a refund to you less a 10% transaction fee.  contact for details.