Traceable & sustainable foods for the city dweller. Sign up year round for pick-up/delivery in Brooklyn, Queens, & Manhattan.

Traceable & sustainable food delivery for the city dweller

We have a strong commitment to sourcing from small-scale and visionary farmers, foragers, and food makers. Choose one of our main subscriptions ($20, $30, $40, or $50/order) filled with local organic vegetables and fruits, rooftop greens, California citrus, and traceable vegan and gluten-free small-batch items. Add-on other subscriptions for bread, eggs, cheese, pastured meats, sustainable wild seafood, and dry goods for the pantry. Our web store has one-time small-batch items like honey, coffee, and maple syrup.
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Local vegetables, fruits, pantry items, & more for pick-up or delivery.

We make it easy and flexible

No membership fee. Pay for what you get. Put your account on hold at any time. 4 day deadline to make order changes. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedules. Get home delivery via cargo-bike or pick-up from a partner location in your neighborhood.

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