Nextdoorganics sources from local, sustainable, visionary farmers & food makers. Sign up year round for pick-up/ delivery in Brooklyn, Queens, & Manhattan.

Sustainable and hyper-local foods for the city dweller

We have a strong commitment to sourcing from new, young, urban, and activist farmers and food makers. We find local organic vegetables, fruits, meats, dry goods, and small-batch items and pack them year round into weekly pick-up or delivery orders for Nextdoorganics members in Brooklyn & Manhattan. Main packages are $20-50/order; hold any order; change settings online; get inspired to try new foods and recipes with our weekly newsletter, Pinterest recipe boards, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Nextdoorganics Home Delivery Has Been Streamlined
Nextdoorganics Membership
Local vegetables, seasonal fruits, heirloom dry goods, small-batch pantry items, pastured eggs, SCRATCHbread, & farmstand cheeses.

Get inspired to try new foods & recipes!